What is your writing process?

1 thought on “What is your writing process?

  1. Part of my writing time is generating ideas in activities like #storystorm and participating in writing contests and picture book critiques #PictureBookCritiqueTrain. I brainstorm ideas. When inspired do a quick write for those fleeting ideas, a 5 min. quick write of everything that comes to mind. Then I plug a very loose plot structure (opening, MC, conflicts 1 – 3, external conflict and internal resolution, and a twist, a satisfying ending). Now I am working on comparables (How is my story alike and different from other stories on the same theme, how is it unique?), Then I edit and revise cutting away clutter finding the just right verb instead of adjectives and adverbs doing all the work. Then I plug in the pages on a picture book dummy for page turns, pacing, and length of the book.

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